Vapor Couture is a brand of electronic cigarettes that has been exclusively developed to ensure that women smokers are provided with all the essential goodies that are considered vital for the fairer sex. How often have women wondered whether they would be able to get their hands onto an e cigarette starter kit that has been designed and created just for them? It is apparent that women smokers are increasing in numbers with each passing day and this is one of the main reason why V2 Cigs, which also happens to be the world’s #1 brand of e cigs, has manufactured an electronic cigarette brand, which is meant exclusively for females.

 Vapor Couture

This electric cigarette brand is special because it has combined the technology from the best selling brand V2 Cigs, while managing to keep the styling of its starter kits very feminine. The accessories are very stylish and the batteries are very colorful, which in turn ensure that women smokers are always kept happy under all possible circumstances. In fact, the flavored cartridges offered by Vapor Couture can be customized as per the discretion of the concerned smoking enthusiasts. Besides, the specially designed jewel tipped batteries are a class apart from the rest of the lot.


Imagine adoring your e cigs with charming bracelets that are available in various chic color combinations. This is exactly what is available in the special VC range and this is why this brand is considered to have been made exclusively for women. In fact, those women who would like to carry their cherished starter kits in specially designed clutches can make use of the VC