Vapor Couture review reveals vital facts on an e cig brand that focuses on women. The electronic cigarettes designed and formulated by this brand are meant exclusively for women smokers. By combining the advanced technology used in v2 e-cigs and the charming designs meant exclusively for female smokers, vapor couture electronic cigarettes and accessories, stand apart from the rest of the crowd.

Vapor Couture Review

Vapor Couture Review


This ‘all-exclusive’ brand for female smokers manufacturers 4 different kinds of starter.


L’ESSENTIEL Kit: This is a simple, customizable kit from Vapor Couture. You have 4 battery colors to choose from. These include Signature Logo Pattern, Deep Purple, Brushed Platinum and Rose Gold. A charger pack is also a part of this kit. The charger pack keeps the batteries energized. This kit includes- two batteries, two 5 packs of flavored cartridges, a user manual and a charger kit.


L’ESSENTIEL PLUS Kit: This kit has all the goodies that are present in L’ESSENTIEL KIT, with the addition of a few vital e cig accessories. When you purchase this kit you get 2 vapor couture batteries, two 5 pack flavored cartridges, a portable charging case or a charm necklace, a user manual and a charging kit. Hence, you can customize the kit by opting for either charm necklace or a portable charging case. The necklace can also be converted into a charming bracelet. You can even secure your e-cig to one end of the necklace.


PASSEPORT Kit: This product is designed for those people who travel frequently. In this kit, you get 2 batteries, a user manual, two 5-pack flavored cartridges, a charging kit, a portable charging case, a stainless steel charm necklace and a vapor couture auto adapter. You can use the charm necklace as a bracelet and even secure your e-cigs to it.


MAXIMALE Kit: The Maximale kit contains all the goodies that a seasoned female smoker requires to achieve the much desired ‘throat-hit’. The accessories present in this kit includes 2 vapor couture batteries, a charging kit, two 5 pack flavored vapor couture cartridges, a fluted charm necklace made from stainless steel, a vapor couture auto adapter and a portable charging case.

Vapor Couture Disposables


These single use electric cigarettes are best suited for occasions that require disposable cigarettes. Simply perfect for all occasions, vapor couture disposable e cigarettes are slim and lightweight. As this product does not require any assembling, you can merely take it out of the box and start puffing. Each disposable vapor cigarette is 88.9 mm in length and it is powered by a 135mAH single use battery. The three available flavors include Passion Fruit, Arctic Mist and Rodeo Drive. All disposable VC cartridges are available in 1.2% nicotine strength.

VC disposables are very easy to use. Simply tug at the “Pull Tab” sticky on the cigarette and start to puff. This cigarette does not require any assembly and it also does not contain any additional components. Vapor Couture disposables make perfect companions for those who travel frequently. You can even gift them to your family members or friends.

Vapor Couture Review

Vapor Couture Cartridges


Vapor Couture cartridges are available in six delicious flavors and each cartridge is easily customizable. You can choose from 4 different nicotine strengths. Each cartridge has a batch number as well as an expiry date clearly mentioned on its outer pack. In order to preserve the freshness of the flavors, each cartridge is packed in air-tight blister packs. If you wish to get a detailed report regarding your pack, you can simply enter the batch number at vapor couture’s official website. The relavent information shall be dispatched to your inbox.

The six signature flavors available include Arctic Mint, Bombshell (a tobacco based flavor), Strawberry Champaign, Rodeo Drive (an American Tobacco Flavor), Passion Fruit and Fresh Mint. The available nicotine strengths include 0%, 0.6%, 1.2% and 1.8%. Each disposable is 35mm in length and 8mm in diameter. It needs to be remembered that Vapor Couture cartridges are not compatible with V2 Cigs cartridges.

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Vapor Couture Batteries


The batteries manufactured by the vapor couture brand are lightweight and stylish. These slim batteries are perfect to suit the lifestyle of female smoking enthusiasts the world over. Each battery has its distinct crystal tip that glows when you begin to puff. The lithium-ion content in each battery prolongs the life of the battery and provides high amount of vapor volume. When the crystal tip starts to blink, it is time for you to recharge the battery.

The battery rating is 190mA. The voltage is 4.2V. The charging time is approximately 1 hour and the length of the cartridge (minus the battery) is 85.85 mm. There are 4 distinct shades to choose from. These include- deep purple, rose gold, brushed platinum and white signature.

Vapor Couture Accessories

This electric cigarette brand also manufactures accessories. These include black tees for women, a metal carry case to keep your cartridges safe, a sterling steel charm necklace, a sterling silver charm necklace, a portable charging case, a Smartphone clutch, a combo of charger kit and adapter, a charging kit, a wall adapter, a UK wall adapter and a EU wall adapter.

Vapor Couture Review

Shipping Policy and Warranty

Vapor couture offers several kinds of shipping options. These include normal, priority, 3-day delivery and overnight shipping options. All shipments dispatched outside the United States incur a minimal handling charge of $5. You may opt from USPS Priority Mail or international express service. International orders may take 7 to 30 days to reach the desired destination. International shipments may also be subject to VAT.

All products bought from the official website of Vapor Couture are covered under limited warranty. For those individuals who have made their purchases from a retailer, the concerned e cigs need to be returned to that vendor. Lifetime warranty is applicable on all electric components. Flavored cartridges and disposables are not included under this warranty. Any modification, repair, physical abuse or misuse of the product shall nullify the warranty. A maximum of 5 replacements are included under this warranty. This warranty is applicable till the 90th day of purchasing the last refill cartridge.

FAQ on Vapor Couture E Cigarettes

@ What is Vapor Couture E Cig?

VC electric cigarette is a suitable replacement to regular cigarettes. When you vape e cigs, you achieve ‘nicotine-hit’, without inhaling tobacco, carcinogens and other harmful chemicals that are always present in regular cigarettes.

@ Who all Can Smoke V.C. E Cigs?

This brand of vapor cigarettes is meant only for female smokers. If you are an adult (18+), you can puff vapor couture e cigs. Nonetheless, if you are pregnant, suffering from high blood pressure, a heart disease, diabetes, taking anti depressant medications, then you should avoid making use of electric cigarettes.

@ Can I Vape in Public Places?

E cigarettes can be puffed in places where smoking regular cigarettes is banned. Nonetheless, you may not be permitted to vape in certain public places. Hence, it is strongly recommended that you use e cigarettes in accordance with the legislation of the concerned area.

@ Can I Use Vapor Couture in Airplanes?

You may carry your e cigs while flying but you may not make use of them while travelling in a commercial airline. Nonetheless, some charter flights as well as international airlines permit the use of electronic cigarettes. You should not have any trouble keeping your e cigs in your baggage while checking-in an airport.

@ What is so Special About VC Electric Cigarettes?

This is the only brand of e cigs that is designed for female smokers. The color of its batteries and the taste of e cig flavors are in sync with what appeals to women smokers. All e-cigs are quality checked before being dispatched to consumers. All the electronic parts in an e cigarette are covered under a 30 day full money back guaranty. Backed with outstanding quality and superb customer service, vapor couture is considered to manufacture the best e cigs for women smokers.

@ More Facts on the Vapor Content?

Vapor Couture offers three kinds of strengths. They are light, medium and strong. Propylene Glycol (FDA approved), nicotine and food grade flavors are the three main ingredients present within each e cig cartridge. Zero nicotine cartridges do not contain any nicotine content.

@ How Should I Pick a Flavor?

The following flavors are offered by vapor couture:

Arctic Mint- this is a minty flavor with a sweet taste.

Bombshell Flavor- this is a blend of flavors found in several famed cigarette brands such as Camel, Merit, Kent and American Spirit.

Strawberry Champaign- this is a flavor that blends the flavors of strawberry and Champaign together.

Rodeo Drive- The taste of this flavor resembles the taste found in Winston, Doral, Marlboro, Chesterfield and Pa-Mal. This is a blend of classic American tobacco.

Fresh Mint- this flavor is a blend of peppermint and menthol. It has a cooling effect.

@ Do You Have Manual Batteries?

At this moment, Vapor Couture provides only automatic batteries.

@ How to Choose Nicotine Strength?

There are 4 strengths provided by Vapor Couture. These include 1.8% nicotine strength (highest), 1.2% nicotine strength (mid-level), 0.6% nicotine strength (low level) and 0% nicotine strength cartridge. Hence, you can make a suitable choice while picking a cartridge. This way, you can fulfill your nicotine craving in the most appropriate manner.


@ What is the Power of Your Cartridge?

A vapor couture cartridge is capable of lasting as long as a pack of tobacco cigarettes. You need to change your cartridge when the taste starts to change or when the vapor volume starts to wean.

@ What About E-Liquid?

Vapor Couture does not sell e liquid.

@ What is the capacity of your battery?

The battery is supposed to last as long as a pack of tobacco cigarettes. Hence, instead of keeping a thick box of cigarettes and a bulky cigarette lighter, you can simply vape using a vapor couture e cig.

@ I have received a kit from your end- do I recharge the battery?

Yes, you need to fully charge a fresh battery before making use of it. Batteries are pre-charged to 50% before they are dispatched to you. Hence, without the additional charge, they shall produce thinner vapor volume.

@ What is the difference between V2 Cigs and Vapor Couture?

Vapor Couture is a blend of V2 Cigs technology and feminine styling. This unique design has been specially formulated for women smokers. The e-cig flavors and designs are formulated only after taking the interests of females into consideration.

@ Do you have an apparel line?

Yes, vapor couture is in the process of creating stylish and chic apparels for females. For more information, you can always sign up for the VC newsletter.

@ Where to get information on Vapor Couture?

In order to get the latest information on vapor couture products, you simply follow this brand on all social networking sites and sign up for the VC newsletter.

@ How do I know my battery is charged?

When the LED light is glowing red on the USB, then you can be rest assured that the charging process is on. When the LED light turns green, then your charging process is complete. There is no possibility of overcharging your batteries as each battery has an ‘auto-shut-off’ mechanism.

@ How should I store my cartridges?

You need to store cartridges in a cool and dry place. While you may place them inside refrigerators, you need to ensure that your cartridges are first placed in a zip pouch to avoid moisture from getting inside them.  Before using your cartridges, it is vital that you allow them to reach room temperature.

@ Where to buy VC and how do I track my order?

You can place your order by paying a visit to the official website of vapor couture. To check the status of the order, you simply need to check the ‘My Account’ section after logging in. You would also receive a mail confirming your placed order. You shall receive a second email with a tracking number, when your ordered product is dispatched.

@ Where all do you deliver?

VC delivers to all 50 US states and over 100 countries worldwide. Products are shipped from Monday to Friday, except during national holidays. More information regarding shipping can be obtained by visiting the ‘shipping options’ page.

@ Are e cigs safe and can they help me quit smoking?

Vapor couture cigarettes are safe. Each electric cigarette is cleared for sale only after it has passed rigorous safety tests. As e cigs are not FDA approved, there is no guaranty that they can help you quit smoking. They are suitable alternatives to tobacco cigarettes.

@ What are the advantages of using Vapor Couture?

VC electric cigarettes are free from ash, tar, tobacco, second hand smoke and other harmful chemicals that are present in tobacco cigarettes. At the same time, these devices are a cheaper smoking alternative, when compared to regular cigarettes.


@ What are the e cig laws?

E cigs are completely legal in the United States. In some countries, ban on vaping in public places may be applicable. Hence, you need to familiarize yourself with the laws of the country you reside in.

@ Can you give us more color options in the near future?

 Yes, the design team at VC is always tweaking their color palate. Hence, chic and stylish designs shall be readily available in the near future.

@ Can I attach vapor couture cartridges/ batteries with my v2 e cigs?

No, you cannot. VC cartridges are meant exclusively for female smoking enthusiast. Hence, they are designed only for VC batteries.

@ Would you add more flavor cartridges?

Yes, more flavored cartridges shall be added to the existing varieties soon.

@ Can I choose my LED colors?

This is not possible, as the design team has conducted extensive research before finalizing the LED colors to each e cig.


Vapor Couture Review- Final Verdict

If you are a female smoker, then the Vapor Couture brand of electronic cigarettes is best suited for you. The e cigs here are chic and stylish and they are best suited for female smoking enthusiasts. There is no other known brand of vapor cigarettes that caters only to female smokers. Electric cigarettes lack smoke, tar and ash. When you vape Vapor Couture e cigs, you feel as though you are smoking regular cigarettes. Nonetheless, instead of producing second hand smoke, these electric cigarettes emit harmless water vapor.

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