A Brief Overview:

The Vapor King electronic cigarette brand is a major player in the international electronic cigarette niche. The biggest advantage of using the Vapor King e-cigarette is the ability to enjoy your electric cigarette which is devoid of smoke, ash, tar and harmful chemicals that are usually present in regular cigarettes. This electronic cigarette brand is also known to manufacture e-liquids as well. Both the e-liquid as well as the refill cartridges are available in different nicotine strengths, which in turn are available in the form of high, low and medium varieties. The e cigarette of Vapor King is manufactured using the best possible components, in a bid to ensure that smokers are able to relish a thick and voluminous vapor content at all times.

The Starter Kits:

Vapor King Starter Kit- The Vapor King Starter Kit is priced at $79.95 and it includes two rechargeable batteries, two automizers, a home outlet charger, a pack of five cartridges, a comprehensive user manual and a special gift box. This kit is well priced and equipped with all the basic ingredients, which a smoker needs to continue smoking on a daily basis.

The Vapor King Storm Starter Kit- The Vapor King Storm Starter Kit is priced at $89.95, which in turn is $10 short of its original price of $99.95. Hence, there is a 10% discount on this starter kit, which apparently is applicable for a limited time period only. This kit includes two lithium ion batteries, two atomizer bodies, five atomizer heads, five cartridges, a bottle of e-liquid, a special USB charger and a home outlet charger.

The VaporKing Battery:

The highlight of this brand is its 650mAh Lithium ion battery, which is powerful enough to allow the smoker to puff over 800 times in a single go. Hence, once you recharge the battery, it has the ability to last you the entire day. This battery is fortified with a double air circulation mechanism, which permits the smoker to relish thick and voluminous vapor content with each puff. At the same time, smokers also relish a realistic feeling while they are smoking an e cigarette as the vapor content feels and tastes like a real cigarette. This battery also has a special function, which helps save power, when the battery is not in use.


Besides manufacturing starter kits, Vapor King electronic cigarette brand also manufactures e-liquids as well. These can be refilled as and when the need arises and they are perfect for the serious smoker. It has also been noticed that this brand offers several delicious nicotine flavors and several levels of nicotine strength cartridges. This permits smokers to choose their own flavors and nicotine strengths.

The Final Verdict:

As per our expert review panel at tech-cigarette.com, the Vapor King Starter Kit is ideally suited for the serious smoker and the basic starter kit should be preferred over any other. Nonetheless, it is advisable that smokers try the starter kit as well as the flavors offered by the concerned brand before finalizing their e cigarette brand.