A Brief Overview:

Vapor4Life is an electronic cigarette brand, which is known the world over for manufacturing diverse starter kits, electronic cigarette accessories and other items that are directly linked to the e-smoking niche. This brand is known to manufacture the Titan Starter Kits as well as the Vapor King Starter Kits. Vapor4Life is also known to manufacture special Tank Kits for the serious smokers and they also specialize in producing e cigarette batteries of various kinds. They also have specialized e-liquids made available to smoking enthusiasts the world over. Vapor4Life is also known to be offering special gift certificates to their customers from time to time.

Starter Kits:

The Vapor Titan Starter Kit Series- Under this series, there are three starter kits, namely, the Slim Starter Kit, priced at $49.95, the Standard Starter Kit, priced at $75.00 and the Ultimate Starter Kit, priced at $105.00.


The Original Vapor King Kits- Under this series, there are five starter kits, namely, the Ultimate Starter Kit priced at $69.95, the Ultimate Ultimatum Starter Kit priced at $99.95, the Ultimate XL Starter Kit priced at $65.00, the Mini PCC Starter Kit priced at

$45.00 and the Mini USB Passthrough priced at $27.50.

E-Cigarette Liquids- Also known as e-juice, Vapor4Life is known to manufacture e liquids as well and these liquids are available in varying nicotine strengths as well as flavors. The strengths range from 0mg to 36mgs.

E Cigarette Batteries- Vapor4Life manufacturers batteries of various kinds and they are mainly responsible for providing thick and voluminous vapor content to the smokers. These batteries are available in both automatic as well as manual options. The special lithium ion batteries can be puffed for over 300 times in a single go. The automatic batteries function just like regular cigarettes, while the automatic batteries have a small switch that needs to be pressed to make the battery fully functional. The e cigarettes here are available in the unique two piece design format.

Ingredients- The refill cartridges are manufactured after a lot of research and they are using both vegetable glycerin as well as propylene glycerin as their main ingredients.

Electronic Cigarettes- Most starter kits offered by Vapor4Life come equipped with a USB charger and a special carry case. The batteries that are provided along with these starter kits have either a manual switch or an automatic one. Crystallized LED caps are made available in the Diamond battery series.

The Final Verdict:

Vapor4Life appears to be a well equipped electronic cigarette brand, which offers various kinds of starter kits, electronic cigarette accessories, e-liquids and tank kits. Nonetheless, in order to understand the real taste and flavor of the electronic cigarettes manufactured by this brand, you need to give their starter kits a try.