Smoking cigarettes is a problem and most people in this world would agree to the fact that smoking regular cigarettes is proving to be a menace which very few individuals prefer to vote in favor off. Apparently, not only does the offensive second hand smoke which emits from regular cigarettes spoil the health of the individual who smokes them, it also adversely affects the overall health of all those individuals who happen to be in close vicinity of the person who is smoking these cigarettes. Hence, not only smoking enthusiasts but also those innocent individuals who have not even had a chance to smoke a single cigarette in their lives are also supposedly being adversely affected by the offensive second hand smoke which emits from regular cigarettes. This is one of the main reasons why people are up in arms against this deadly product and wish to achieve a permanent ban on these.

As per a report, it has been noticed that people from all walks of lives are now raising their voices against the rising tobacco menace. In fact, even the World Health Organization is also up in arms against the rising tobacco menace and it has been noticed that people from all walks of lives are now paying special attention in trying to gather essential facts on how this can be permanently stopped. Owing to the rising public awareness against tobacco smoking, nowadays people from all walks of lives are ensuring that stringent rules and regulations are put in place to curb the rising menace which is usually associated with smoking regular cigarettes. As per a recent report, it has been commissioned by the government authorities that any cigarette vendor who is found within the 1000 meter mark of a school, shall be penalized.

Apparently, as per this new rule, no vendor shall be permitted to sell his cigarettes near a school. In fact, the cigarette vending machine is to be kept at a distance of one kilometer from the school premises. This is one of the main reasons why people from all walks of lives have been praising this decision as now; the installation of a vending machine would not be permitted by the government agencies. Not only would this move permit innocent school children to be spared the wrath of smoking cigarettes, they would also be allowed to think healthy and lead a healthier existence. One of the main reasons why this rule took a long while to be applied was because vending machine installation companies as well as tobacco sellers were agitating against the implication of such a rule. Nonetheless, now it has been put to place and the installation of any vending machine which is selling tobacco would be permanently barred.

It was last year that the government had decided to take up this issue rather seriously and was paying particular attention towards trying to ensure that tobacco vending machines be pushed back as far as possible from educational institutes. The government was of the opinion that tobacco smoking is most damaging to small children and hence, it needs to be done away with at least in places wherein young children are found in great numbers. This is why schools as well as other educational institutions were chosen to be represented under this cover. This decision has been welcomed by school authorities as the administrating staff at educational institutes was always worried about the safety of their children. Now, with the introduction of this new rule, the chances are that young as well as teenage children would no longer be endangered to the lure of smoking regular cigarettes, nor would they be placed in such a scenario wherein they needed to inhale the deadly second hand smoke on a daily basis.

While stopping vending machine installation near educational institutes is considered as a great step towards safeguarding the health of children, if a permanent solution is to be sought then without a shadow of a doubt, care needs to be taken to ensure that regular cigarettes are done away with on a permanent basis. Nonetheless, quitting smoking cigarette is near impossible and in a bid to do so, the introduction of a suitable alternative is considered vitally important. This is when an electronic cigarette comes into picture. Not only is an e cig free from the deadly tobacco product, it is also considered to be free from the offensive second hand smoke. Health experts believe that electric cigarettes are undoubtedly safer when compared to smoking regular cigarettes and they should therefore be preferred over their regular cousins.