One of the main reasons why smokers are considering opting for electronic cigarettes is because they are seeking a suitable alternative to the traditional tobacco cigars. Smokers nowadays wish to smoke a device which is free from tobacco, smoke, ash and tar, yet capable of providing the much needed ‘nicotine-hit’ to smokers on a regular basis. At the same time, smoking enthusiasts seek an alternative which is cheaper, when compared to the traditional cigarettes. All this is possible through the means of an e cigarette.

The Vibe e cigarettes are devoid of tar, smoke, ash and tobacco and they are also cheaper than traditional cigarettes. There is also no risk of polluting the environment by leaving behind any cigarette butt, cigarette stub or causing sparks, which may lead to fire. Vibe e cigarettes are an ideal replacement to regular cigarettes as they taste and feel like a regular cigarette but in reality, they are poles apart from a tobacco cigar. This smoke free tobacco device is also free from carbon monoxide gas.

Vibe Starter Kit:


The Vibe e cigarette starter kit is well equipped to provide the required nicotine hit to serious smokers with utmost ease. This kit contains a portable charging case, which can hold up to four cartridges, one e cigarette battery which has a red LED light, five cartomizers wherein the user has the choice of selecting the flavors, a charging kit which is inclusive of a wall and a USB charger, an e cigarette manual and a year long warrantee. This kit is priced at $119.95. Nonetheless, Vibe electronic cigarette is also offering a 14 day trial offer on this kit.

Vibe Flavor Cartridges:

Vive e cigarettes are known to be using the latest technology in their flavor cartridges, which is why they are providing the cartomizer cartridges to customers. The cartridges are available in packs of 8 and a single cartridge is equivalent to an entire pack of cigarettes. At times, it is equivalent to one and a half packs of regular cigarettes as well. The user has a choice from amidst three delicious flavors while opting for these cartridges, which include regular, menthol and cherry flavors. The nicotine levels too are available in full flavored and zero nicotine strength. These cartridges are backed with a one year warranty. The pack of eight cartridges costs $59.95.

Vibe Battery:

The Vibe batteries are powered by a 3.7v lithium ion technology and they are rather sturdy and sleek to look at. They are relatively easy to screw and hence, their assembly procedure is rather smooth and convenient. They are blessed with a long life and are capable of delivering astonishing power to the end user, which in turn helps enhancing the overall taste of the smokeless cigarettes. The Vibe battery is priced at $39.95 and it is backed by a one year warranty.

Final Verdict:

Vibe electronic cigarette is a new entrant and should be tried in a bid to judge the style, quality as well as the volume of its vapor content. The starter kit is priced affordably and the biggest advantage of using the Vibe Starter Kit is the 14 day free trial offer which accompanies this kit.