An eco group has been working towards getting the government to consider cigarette butts as toxic waste material and force those organizations or individuals, who are indulged in this act, to pay a hefty fine for causing unwanted pollution. Apparently, the main reason behind this move is to get rid of the cigarette butts which cause pollution by seeking aid from the government. Only the government machinery can actually help in gathering enough waste management resources to accomplish an uphill task as this. Nonetheless, effort is on to gather enough support to initiate regulatory action against those who are known to be causing environmental pollution via cigarette butts.

According to EcoWaste Coalition, the total numbers of cigarette filters as well as cigarette butts, which are strewn on the surface of the earth globally, are a serious cause for concern and they can easily be categorized as an environmental hazard. According to Roy Alvarez, the president of the eco group, “cigarette butts are strewn about almost everywhere and this is the most visible form of environmental pollution that you can ever think off. You would often find cigarette butts on the streets, the park, on roadsides, pavements, dumpsites and even landfills. These cigarettes butts as well as filters are highly toxic and can cause serious health issues for both humans as well as animals.”

It has been clinically proven that the butt of a cigarette contains several chronic chemicals, which include carcinogens. These substances are also known to cause cancer in human beings and hence, people should avoid getting in contact with them at all costs. Nonetheless, it has been noticed that animals often consume these cigarette butts and suffer from several chronic ailments. Unlike humans, animals do not get any respite from their sufferings and they often succumb to their illnesses. This is one of the main reasons why a sound policy for getting rid of cigarette waste needs to be implemented by the concerned government agencies.

Several environmentalists have stated that the best way to get rid of this menace is to coax smokers to quit smoking and opt for healthier smoking options such as an electronic cigarette. One of the main reasons why cigarette filters prove to be an environmental menace is because they are hard to degrade and they take a long time in getting mixed with the soil. This is why cigarette filters can prove to be highly toxic to both humans as well as the environment as a whole. Each year, trillions of cigarette butts are disposed off and left strewn around on the surface of the earth, thus causing serious environmental pollution.

As per the marine debris report, which in turn was pioneered by the Ocean Conservancy, it was revealed that over 52,907,756 cigarette filters were recovered from the annual coastal cleanup activities. This report was made public in the year 2011. Without a shadow of a doubt, this spells trouble for the marine life and it would also cause widespread damage to the human existence as well.