Tobacco cigarettes are without a shadow of a doubt, considered hazardous to your health. It has been confirmed that people who are habitual of smoking cigarettes often suffer from several chronic infections. Besides, most of them are known to suffer from several diseases which can be termed fatal in nature. Some of these diseases include cancer, cardiac arrest as well as chronic respiratory tract infections. This is one of the main reasons why people from all walks of lives have started to realize the benefits of quitting smoking. Nonetheless, cigarettes are highly addictive in nature and people simply do not wish to quit smoking. Despite trying several methods, which include rehabilitation efforts, paying a visit to de-addiction centers, taking pills, using nicotine patches or gum, chain smokers have expressed their failure in curbing their bad habit permanently. Apparently, the moment they stop using the non-smoking aids, they start to use tobacco cigarettes once again.


While medical research studies strongly discourage the use of regular cigarettes as they cause cancer, smoking enthusiasts are simply unable to quit smoking owing to the high addictive tendencies of this product. Nonetheless, four years ago, a device termed electronic cigarettes was introduced which in turn permitted smoking enthusiasts to quit smoking cigarettes permanently, while allowing them to fulfill their daily nicotine cravings by including nicotine filled cartridges in them. While an e cig is a handy device and is preferred by smoking enthusiasts from across the globe, the fact remains that not all smokers are aware of its existence. Nonetheless, when they do quit smoking regular cigarettes and opt for an electric cigarette instead, even die hard chain smokers are known to enjoy several short term as well as long term benefits.


While there are several benefits of quitting cigarette smoking, the quickest benefit is the stability of an individual’s heart beat. When you smoke, your heart beat hastens but when you quit smoking cigarettes, your heart beat returns to normal. At the same time, the levels of carbon monoxide in the smoker’s body starts to decline at warp speed. As soon as the carbon monoxide levels in the human body reduce, the blood vessels are able to carry oxygen content within the body, at a much faster rate. Phlegm is also directly linked to smoking cigarettes on a continuous basis. Nonetheless, as soon as people start to quit smoking cigarettes, they are able to improve their blood circulation, reduce their phlegm content and also they also stop wheezing or coughing like they used to when they smoked cigarettes. After several months of quitting cigarettes, smokers are able to improve their lung functionality. In fact, it has been medically proven that people, who quit smoking regular cigarettes and start to puff on an electronic cigarette, develop a better sense of smell. Apparently, those who quit smoking regular cigarettes are also able to enjoy their food better as their taste buds tend to improve and become more receptive to the food they eat.

In the longer run, smokers are known to be free from cancer and they are also able to reduce their chances of contracting any heart related disorders. In fact, smokers who have quit smoking cigarettes are able to improve their respiratory tract to a considerable extent. When you quit smoking cigarettes, you are prone to live longer and you also do not die from smoking related disorders. Undoubtedly, this is the main reason why smoking enthusiasts have started to quit smoking cigarettes and have adopted a safer alternative by incorporating an e cigarette in their lives.