An electronic cigarette is also known as an e cig. It is a device which is sometimes also referred to as “smokeless cigarette”, for the very simple reason that it allows users to enjoy a fulfilling smoke without forcing them to inhale harmful tobacco smoke in return. This device functions quite similar to a regular cigarette. The only difference is that instead of using tobacco, which as you all may agree and be aware of, is harmful for the human body, an e cigarette makes use of liquid nicotine. This liquid nicotine is stored in the form of a cartridge. This cartridge is ideally made from plastic and has openings on either side. Without a cartridge, you would not be able to smoke this device.

The main purpose of a cartridge is to act as a mouthpiece. It also doubles up as a small reservoir which holds liquid nicotine. The two ends of a cartridge connect to two different entities. The first end acts as a mouthpiece and is placed by the end user his his/her mouth, while the other end is known to attach itself with an atomizer, which in turn is also called the heating element. The cartridge therefore acts as a passage which helps transport liquid nicotine to the atomizer before passing the harmless vapor into the mouth of the end user. To ensure that the liquid nicotine does not leak into the mouth of the smoker, the cartridge has a small sponge like material, which in turn is encased in a small plastic canister.

While the absorbent has the ability to stop liquid nicotine from entering the mouth of the smoker, the mouthpiece has separate channels which in turn help push the vapor out. So, when you start to puff, the cloud which emits from the sides of the e cigarette is in reality, harmless water vapor. When the liquid nicotine in the cartridge is over, you can simply either replace the cartridge with a new one or get the existing one refilled. To ease the issues related to dripping, most of the top selling brands have manufactured a special mouthpiece which minimizes the issues pertaining to liquid nicotine dripping into the mouth of the smoker. This is a very convenient method for those who are habitual of smoking on a daily basis.

To get your hands on the best electronic cigarette and to join the crusade against a tobacco free world, switch to e cigarettes instead of the regular ones TODAY.