If in case you have finally decided to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, you need to be prepared to face the consequences of your decision. Most of these consequences which we are referring to are negative in nature and capable of making your life miserable for a couple of days. Nonetheless, if you have the ability to withstand this temporary torture and ensure that you remain strong willed and focused during this unhappy interval, you are sure to achieve your aim and you would quit smoking regular cigarettes permanently.

In order to ensure that you feel relaxed during your quitting phase, you need to first of all place all your cigarettes at a place which is simply inaccessible- the trash box. It would be even better if you asked your parents or your partner, or your friend, to throw all your cigarettes in the nearby dumping ground. When you do not have any cigarettes close to you, how would you possibly smoke one? In simpler words, make sure that all traces of cigarettes, cigarettes packs and even a matchbox or a lighter are permanently removed from your house. These are the main ingredients which may often prompt you to start smoking once again. Henceforth, they need to be done away with on a permanent basis.

It has also been clinically proven that smokers, who change their morning routine, have a higher success rate at quitting smoking. In simpler words, if you are habitual of smoking cigarettes while you are at the breakfast table, you need to try and engage your mind in some other activity. You can start cooking food in the kitchen or wash dishes which need to be used during breakfast to keep your mind away from regular cigarettes. You can also try and alter your morning routine by taking an early morning walk at the local park before heading home to consume a sumptuous meal.

To be away from smoking, you need to start doing any chore whenever you feel the urge to smoke a cigarette. It has also been highly recommended by de-addiction experts that when an individual is trying to quit smoking regular cigarettes, he should carry eatables along with him. In case you are traveling and you have the urge to smoke a cigarette, simply pull out a bar of chocolate from your pocket and start munching on it. Some smokers have achieved high success in quitting smoking by chewing gum. In fact, many smokers have put off their smoking urge by simply placing a toothpick in their mouth. Hence, all these methods can help you steer clear of the strong urge to smoke cigarettes.

If you have managed to pass an entire day without smoking a single tobacco filled cigarette, make sure that you reward yourself adequately. You can treat yourself by going out for a movie or you can spend the rest of the evening reading your favorite book. Either ways, you need to ensure that you keep rewarding yourself for achieving your daily goals, as this would keep you motivated. Chain smokers have also stated that puffing electronic cigarettes keeps them from wanting to smoke regular cigarettes.