White Cloud e cigarette has been known the world over as one of the finest brands of smokeless cigarettes. In fact, this electronic cigarette brand has often been touted as one that never compromises with the overall quality of their ingredients. This is probably one of the main reasons behind the miraculous success of this e cig manufacturer. Several products including starter kits, batteries, cartridges and refills are manufactured by this brand and hence, smokers are always spoilt for choices here. Hence, electric cigarette lovers are always thronging the White Cloud e cigs website in a bid to get their hands onto the latest and the most popular products.

White Cloud Diablo E Cigarette Flavor 

The latest introduction by the White Cloud electronic cigarette is the Diablo flavored e cig cartridge. One of the main reasons why this cartridge is in such great demand is because it has a pleasant chili flavor. This is one such flavor which manages to excite smoking enthusiasts from all across the globe, simply owing to the different taste that it provides to the smoker’s taste buds. It has also been noticed that this flavored electric cigarette cartridge contains Capsaicin, which in turn is spicy in nature. Nonetheless, the main reason why White Cloud enthusiasts prefer this flavor to many others is because it has a different taste.


Capsaicin is supposed to be an ingredient which is found in peppers all across the globe, especially hot peppers. Simply bake some jalapeno poppers and then puff on this electronic cigarette flavor and you are sure to relish the true feel of a chilly and spicy treat. Nonetheless, experts are of the opinion that you can always cool down by adding some chilled coconut water, as a refreshing drink after you have finished smoking the Diablo cartridge. White Cloud review experts are also of the opinion that as the active ingredient in the Diablo e cigarette flavor is a special kind of oil, which can induce pain in the throat and tongue, those smokers who are allergic to spicy food, should abstain from trying out this flavor. Nonetheless, in most cases, this is a mild flavor, which can be accepted by smokers of all kinds.