The White Cloud electronic cigarette is a well known electronic cigarette manufacturing brand that has been reckoned as being amongst the top ten e cigarette brands that are available internationally. Most smoking enthusiasts have labeled this brand as a premium brand of e cigs. Even the White Cloud electronic cigarette reviews posted on several electronic cigarette review websites have clearly stated that this brand is a force to reckon with. White Cloud electric cigarettes have succeeded in attracting hundreds of thousands of interested smokers in a relatively short time span.

White Cloud Electronic Cigarette Review

White Cloud Electronic Cigarette review, white cloud electronic cigarette reviews

The biggest feature of the Cirrus Kits manufactured by White Cloud e cigarettes is the Smooth Draw cartridges which are included in its arsenal. These cartridges are specially designed to provide the maximum pleasure to smokers who have quite smoking regular cigarettes and have started to puff on e cigs instead. White Cloud electronic cigarette reviews have also pointed out the thick vapor content which can be derived with the aid of these super efficient cartridges. Undoubtedly, this makes the overall smoking experience simply mesmerizing.


The Smooth Draw technology is advanced and it has the ability to ensure that the concerned smoking enthusiast is able to derive the true flavors of the nicotine cartridges at all times, without compromising on the vapor volume. These specially designed e cig cartridges have been known to help smokers accept e cigarettes in their daily lives after having quit regular cigars. The vapor which emits from this device is watery in appearance and the design of these cartridges is sleek, which in turn allows them to compliment the overall look and appearance of the White Cloud e cigs.


These cartridges are also available in a wide variety of delicious flavors. Some of the popular flavors include menthol, tobacco, chocolate, cinnamon, clove, strawberry, chocolate and espresso. In case you cannot determine which flavor would suit you the most, you can always opt for the variety pack. This pack includes all the flavors and hence, it is best suited for those smokers who would like to taste different nicotine flavors. The SmoothDraw cartridges are known to resemble a filter cigarette and hence, it is easy to blend these e cigs with regular cigarettes.