There was a time when the White Cloud e cigarette was considered to be the most expensive of the lot. Nonetheless, times have changed and now, you can easily hope to get home a Cirrus II electronic cigarette starter kit for as low as $69.95. Even the Phantom starter kit as well as the highly advanced Cirrus 3X starter kits that have all the essential goodies e cig lovers could essentially ask for, are available for a meager $199.95 only. The change in pricing has made this brand a highly affordable one and what makes electric cigarette lovers happy is the highly quality ingredients used in these products.

Our expert review panel was impressed by the changes made in the cartridges and batteries of White Cloud Electronic Cigarette which in turn are patented to White Cloud brand. They use the latest “Smooth Draw Technology” to ensure that their cartridge is superior to other brands and provides greater pleasure. Using this technology, you can inhale large amounts of vapor in a single inhale and produce an impressive white cloud of smoke which feels and tastes exotic and cannot be experienced in any other E-Cigarette brand. This is one of the main reasons why White Cloud two piece E-Cigarettes are slightly more expensive than other brands. Nonetheless, the price increment is completely justified.

As per our exert review panel:

White Cloud possesses the strongest draw.

White Cloud cartridges are soft till the last puff.

The batteries last you 4 days in a row, which is quite a feat and unmatched by most other brands.

White Cloud can offer to be a good tool to reduce or even quit dependence on harmful traditional cigarettes.

White Cloud E-Cigarettes website is more informative than most other brands, as in they never hide facts from their customers.

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Product Information and Price:

The Cirrus Variety Kit (Special Price $114.95)- it includes Three Batteries, One Chargebolt USB Charger,5 SmoothDraw cartridges and One AC Adaptor.

The Cirrus II Starter Kit ( Special Price $59.95)-it includes Two Batteries, One USB Charger, Five  SmoothDraw cartridges, One User Manual and a 6 month standard warranty.

The Cirrus 3 Starter Kit  (Special Price $114.95)-it includes Three Batteries, Fiveteen SmoothDraw Cartridges, One Squid Charger, One AC Adaptor and a 6 month standard warranty.

The Cirrus 3X Starter Kit(Fixed Price $119.95) -it includes Three Batteries, One ChargeBolt USB Charger, One AC Adaptor, Twenty Five SmoothDraw Cartridges and a Two Year Premium warranty.

The Phantom Starter kit (Fixed Price $299.95)  – It contains a special display box, three special Phantom batteries, one squid charger, a black A/C adapter, a pack of five Stealth Draw cartridges, a pack of five SmoothDraw cartridges and a special membership card.

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 Description of Each Product:


 The cartridges from White Cloud are the SmoothDraw cartridges, each of which is equivalent to two normal cartridges.

The five cartridges’ pack costs $13.95.

You have several delicious flavors to choose from (Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla, Espresso, Chocolate, Clove, Strawberry, and Kick).

You have 5 nicotine levels to choose from (Extra strong, Ultra Light, Full Strength, Light and Nicotine Free).

Cartridge Prices:

§  $2.79  for a single cartridge. 

§  $13.95 for five pack cartridge

§ $129.95 for a fifty pack cartridge


  Cirrus 3X Battery – $34.95

  Cirrus II Battery- $24.95)

Cirrus 3 Battery- $29.95

 These batteries can withstand 6 to 8 hours of continuous usage. (THIS IS REALLY LONG).


 USB Charger(ChargeBolt) – $19.95

Adapter Combo (Car) – $ 29.95

 Adapter Combo (AC) – $ 29.95

Squid Charger- $39.95

ChargeBolt and AC Combo- $29.95

Cirrus AC Adapter- $19.95

EU Adapter- $ 19.95

Chargebolt and EU Combo- $29.95

  Strengths Available:

o   XX (Double extra strength – available in tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla, and Espresso) 4.2%

o   Extra strength (Available in Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla, Clove, Strawberry, Espresso, Kick, and Snap) 3.6%

o   Full strength (all flavors) 2.4%

o   Light strength (all flavors) 1.8%

o   Ultra Light strength (Tobacco and Menthol) 0.6%

o   Nicotine Free (Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla, Espresso, Chocolate) 0%


 These chargers are backed by a 6 month warranty and you may upgrade them to a 2 year warranty by simply paying a minimal sum of $29.95.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the White Cloud electronic cigarettes are one of the finest brands of e cigs that are available in the international market today.

(To avail 30% Discount on Starter Kits, simply type “WCKIT30” at the time of checkout)

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