Electronic cigarettes have come a long way since they were introduced to the world some four years ago. Not only have they evolved as the “next big thing” in the smoking world, they have also helped millions to quit smoking regular cigarettes by proving to be a safer alternative. So, what are the main brownie points which e cigarettes possess that help them attract millions of chain smokers? Let us find out:

No More Unholy Smoke

Tobacco cigarettes have been known to raise hell with regards to producing excessive smoke. This smoke is full of harmful carcinogens which number 100,000 in all. Besides, harmful carbon dioxide gas too is present in tobacco smoke. On the contrary, electric cigarettes do not contain tobacco and hence, they do not produce any smoke. What emits from your mouth when you smoke e cigs is harmless water vapor.

No Bad Breath

Tobacco is known to spoil your breath and leave your mouth smelling like a rotten chicken. This is all owing to tobacco. On the other hand, e cigarettes are completely odorless and they do not leave behind any foul odor. In the absence of foul odor, you have the confidence of speaking to your partner or attending office as and when you please.

No More Ash or Tar

Electric cigarettes are devices which do not require the need for a match. They make use of electronically charged batteries instead. The advantage for the smoker is that these devices leave behind no ash and cause no tar. This is definitely a boon for those smokers who really like maintaining “good hygiene” at all times.

Huge Monetary Savings

Regular cigarettes are quite expensive. If we are to take the US national average, then a pack of regular cigarettes costs $7.20. On the contrary, an electric cigarette cartridge costs only $3. Both last the same time. So, you actually end up saving substantial amount of your hard earned money in the act. This is especially good for the budget conscious smokers.

No Ban On Smoking

Another reason why smokers in their millions are making a permanent switch to e cigs is because you can smoke these wherever you please. There is absolutely no restriction on smoking e cigarettes. No matter whether you are taking a stroll in the park, purchasing clothes in a shopping mall, traveling in a train or even speaking to your boss, you can smoke an e cig without bothering to get caught in the act.

So, if you really want to stop smelling like an ashtray and avoid being stricken with fatal diseases linked to tobacco smoke, simply make a permanent switch to the healthier and non polluting Electronic Cigarettes TODAY!