People have been known to smoke cigarettes since time immemorial, yet the diseases linked to cigarette smoking have been irking the human population for several decades. It has also been noticed in the recent past that individuals have often neglected the dangers that are usually associated with smoking traditional cigarettes and have continued with their habit in a rather reckless manner. Deaths owing to smoking cigarettes are nothing new and people have been suffering major complications after having indulged in smoking cigarettes for a considerable time period. While smoking cigarettes was once considered a favorite pastime and a style statement for several individuals, the fact remains that only a select few were able to realize the dangers associated with this habit.


Traditional cigarettes are filled with several kinds of toxic chemicals, which in turn are considered to be harmful for the human body and even the environment as a whole. This is obviously the main reason why humans should ideally be avoiding tobacco cigarettes. Another shocking revelation is the presence of carcinogens in a tobacco cigar. Carcinogens are known to be cancer causing agents and this is apparently the main reason why smoking enthusiast who are habitual of smoking cigarettes are often susceptible to cancers of various kinds. Some of the major forms of cancers caused by tobacco cigarettes include cancers of the lungs, the tongue, the mouth, the pancreas and even the stomach and the liver regions. This is why smokers have started to quit smoking traditional cigarettes and started to puff on e cigarettes instead.

Electronic cigarettes are different from regular cigarettes, although they appear the same in terms of their shape and their size, but in reality, they are poles apart from regular cigarettes. In terms of functionality, an electronic cigarette is undoubtedly way better than a traditional cigarette. This is because it permits the smoker to relish the much needed ‘nicotine hit’ without causing the usual bodily damage, which is symbolic to traditional cigarettes. An e cigarette is a device which does not contain a single trace of tobacco and this is one of the main reasons why it is preferred by smokers. At the same time, unlike tobacco cigarettes, which are known to emit chimneys of smoke, an electric cigarette does not produce the highly offensive second hand smoke. Undoubtedly owing to this very reason, an e cig happens to be a less harmful device when compared to traditional tobacco filled cigars.


E cigs are manufactured in such a manner that they operate with the aid of a battery, which can be recharged and hence, reused. At the same time, it has been noticed that smoking enthusiasts the world over prefer these smokeless devices as they are free from cancer causing carcinogens. Undoubtedly, this is also what attracts smoking enthusiasts in their millions to use such devices instead of the harmful regular cigars. Last but not the least, the price of electric cigarettes is way less than the price of traditional cigarettes. It has been confirmed that smokers who puff on e cigarettes, save as much as 75% of the monthly costs incurred while smoking traditional cigarettes.