Smoking a cigarette is an act that can easily be compared to an addiction which is relatively tough to quit. Without a shadow of a doubt, people who are habitual of smoking cigarettes find it really tough to quit smoking and the main reason why smokers cannot quit smoking despite trying their level best to do so is because cigarettes contain high amounts of tobacco as well as nicotine, which is also coupled with large amounts of harmful chemicals. When this combination is incorporated into a regular cigarette, it becomes all the more lethal. Hence, when a smoker starts to smoke a traditional tobacco laden cigarette, the fact remains that he is inhaling cigarette smoke, which is full of harmful chemicals. This in turn spoils the delicate throat lining and hampers the smoker’s natural ability to breathe properly.

When smokers inhale the highly offensive chemicals which in turn emit from a lit cigarette, the fact remains that the small microscopic particles emitting from a lit cigarette get stuck in the cilia. This in turn agitates the smoker’s breathing passage, thereby leading to severe complications, which in turn can give rise to chronic cough. Smokers who are habitual of smoking a cigarette a day have often complained of suffering from such issues and they have also suffered greatly from the highly toxic chemicals present in a cigarette, which include ammonia amongst many others. While smokers are known to suffer from chronic cough, even passive smokers who have never even once smoked a regular cigarette in their entire life, have been known to suffer from a similar fate. This is because they manage to inhale the highly toxic second hand smoke which emits from traditional cigarettes.

When smokers quit smoking cigarettes, their cough reduces to a great extent but in most cases, it does not stop completely. It is a well known fact that when you quit smoking cigarettes, your lungs start to clear and they also manage to remove the dark layer of soot which usually covers your lungs while you smoke cigarettes. Nonetheless, even as the smoker’s lungs start to heal themselves, the cilia, which in turn is present in the air passage starts to get more and more agitated. This in turn forces the concerned individual to cough more often. The main reason why the concerned smoker is forced to cough is simply because the cilia, starts to clear the chemical particles that have been accumulated within the microscopic hair area. Nonetheless, clearing these chemical particles is not at all an easy task. Henceforth, this causes irritation in the voice box, thereby aggravating the cough.

Nonetheless, medical representatives have stated that once the cilia has fully healed, which in turn tales a few months, the symptoms of coughing slowly but steadily reduce. This allows the concerned smoker to feel at easy as he/she is not forced to cough any longer. It is also suggested that when smokers quit smoking regular cigarettes, they should drink ample water in order to moisten their air passage and ease their coughing spasms. In fact, smokers are nowadays opting to puff electronic cigarettes after quitting regular cigarettes. E cigarettes are free from tobacco and hence, they are safer in comparison. Besides, electric cigarettes permit the smoker to continue smoking. Hence, e cigs are considered to be the most optimal solution for those smokers who wish to quit smoking permanently and opt for a safer alternative instead.