Electronic cigarettes are the latest craze in the smoking world and people from all across the globe are thronging to purchase their favorite brand of e cigarettes. While there can be several reasons why people prefer e cigarettes, the main reason is its ability to provide the much wanted “nicotine hit” without actually including harmful tobacco in its device. It is interesting to note that besides ordinary smokers even leading Hollywood celebrities such as Johnny Depp have begun to use e cigarettes instead of the usual tobacco ones. So, what makes Johnny Depp smoke electric cigarettes?

Why do you think Johnny Depp actually switched from smoking regular cigarettes to electric cigarettes? If this question is put forth, you would easily understand the main reason why this Hollywood star made a permanent switch from smoking regular cigarettes to the electrical versions. Well, it is mainly owing to the fatal diseases including cardiac arrest, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases as well as multiple organ failures linked to tobacco smoking which in turn force even a chain smoker to opt for electric cigarettes. Without a shadow of a doubt, the absence of tobacco in e cigarettes helps smokers to enjoy a thrilling smoke without bothering to inhale the deadly tobacco smoke in return.

If you have seen the Hollywood flick, “The Tourist”, you shall notice that Johnny Depp smoked an e cig while he was traveling in a train. This clearly shows that even top Hollywood superstars are switching to safer alternatives. They are actually helping the masses understand the true benefits of smoking e cigarettes as compared to smoking the regular ones. Besides, as these devices are smoke free in nature, they never pollute the environment. They help maintain a clean and green environment which you can preserve for your future generations.

On the other hand, tobacco cigarettes pollute the environment and release carbon dioxide gas into the atmosphere. At the same time, they also release over 100,000 carcinogens, of which 60 carcinogens have been termed “cancer causing”. These gives birth to fatal diseases and aggravate the existing global warming problem. Johnny Depp did a great job in the movie, “The Tourist” and his act of smoking an electronic cigarette caught the attention of the smoking fraternity worldwide. Probably after seeing him smoke freely in a moving train, people from across the globe realized the true benefits of opting for this suitable alternative.

So, if you really want to stop smelling like an ashtray and avoid being stricken with fatal diseases linked to tobacco smoke, simply make a permanent switch to the healthier and non polluting Electronic Cigarettes TODAY!