The electronic cigarette success story is well known the world over. It has also been noticed that in recent times, most smoking enthusiasts have started making a permanent switch to smoking electronic cigarettes, after having quit smoking regular cigarettes permanently. In the University of Catania, an experiment was conducted on a group of hardcore chain smokers. After the experiment came to an end, it was found that over 25% stopped smoking cigarettes altogether, while 50% reduced their cigarette intake after consuming electronic cigarettes. Of these 40 chain smokers adopted e cigarettes as their main source of smoking.

electronic cigarette popularity

While there are several reasons why people are switching towards e cigarettes, the main reason is the lack of tobacco in these devices. Besides being completely devoid of tobacco, these devices are also free from the offensive second hand smoke. Apparently, this is owing to the absence of a match which is usually required while lighting a regular cigarette. This simply renders this device smokeless in nature. As it is completely free from smoke, people from all walks of lives simply prefer smoking these smokeless devices to regular cigarettes. It is mainly owing to the lack of second hand smoke produced by e cigarette, which prompts even die hard chain smokers to opt for electronic cigarettes.

Another reason why people are making a switch to electronic cigarettes is because this is an option which permits the smoker to smoke wherever he pleases. As against regular cigarettes, when you smoke electronic cigarettes, you have the distinct advantage of smoking anywhere. There is no restriction and there is no question of the smoker having to rush for a special smoking zone in order to smoke his electric cigarette. Apparently, the freedom to smoke everywhere propels people from all walks of lives to quit smoking regular cigarettes and adopt e cigs instead.

Another reason which has been cited as being responsible for forcing people to quit smoking cigarettes and adopt e cigarettes, is the price factor. As compared to regular cigarettes, an electronic cigarette costs one third the actual cost. So, if you are spending on an average $300 a month on regular cigarettes, you would end up spending just $100 a month, when you make a switch to electronic cigarettes. So, without a shadow of a doubt, you end up saving a substantial part of your hard earned income when you use e cigarettes and quit smoking regular ones permanently.