Smoking tobacco is injurious to health. This statutory warning is mentioned in front of each and every cigarette packet, yet people continue to smoke cigarettes on a daily basis. So, why is it that smoking companies have been asked to place this caption on each and every cigarette pack? Let us find out by looking at the dangers of smoking tobacco cigarettes:

People have been smoking tobacco for the past three thousand years. The smoke emitting from a cigarette contains 4000 known toxins, many of which have cancer causing properties and are poisonous in nature. Seconds after you smoke a cigarette or inhale the smoke, it enters your bloodstream. The deadly carbon dioxide gas which is also present in automobile exhausts thereafter starts to damage each and every organ present in your body. The smoke is highly addictive as both tobacco and nicotine force you to feel compelled to smoke more tobacco cigarettes.

The cigarette smoke raises your blood pressure, applying added strain on your heart. As your blood vessels contract, your chances of suffering from a cardiac arrest are increased. In fact, reports state that a smoker has ten times more chances of contracting lung cancer as compared to any other individual. Smoking while being pregnant, is also a big “no-no”. In fact 10% of all infant deaths are owing to pregnant mothers smoking cigarettes regularly. Besides causing cancer and cardiac arrests, smoking causes chronic respiratory issues such as asthma and bronchitis.

Smoking cigaretets is bad

Cigarettes are also expensive. The US average of $5 a packet would imply an annual expenditure of $1800, if a smoker smokes 1 pack daily. Nonetheless, if you were to quit smoking, then it would take you ten years to get back to a normal healthy state, which in turn implies that your chances of suffering from a stroke would be similar to a non-smoker’s chances. When the discussion is about minimizing the cancer risk, then a smoker would need to quit smoking for a period of fifteen years to regain his/her normal healthy state.

As per a report published by the American Lung Association, over 8.6 million people in the United States alone suffer from at least one disease which is caused by the inhalation of tobacco smoke. Almost 90% of all lung cancer deaths are caused by tobacco smoke and over 80% of all chronic bronchitis deaths, are also a resultant of smoking regular cigarettes. It is therefore a better option to quit smoking and smoke electronic cigarettes instead. This is so as e cigarettes are tobacco free and they are also smokeless in nature.