Cigarette smoking has always been a topic which has left several members of a single family hoping that the smoker in their family would quit this bad habit one fine day. Nonetheless, the fact remains that such an act is not a common one and that the addiction to tobacco cigarettes is far more serious than what the smoker as well as a non-smoker can fathom. In such a scenario, only a suitable nicotine replacement therapy such as an electronic cigarette is known to work wonders for allowing even a die hard chain smoker to quit this habit.

In the wake of the millions of deaths being caused by tobacco smoke, the government authorities in the United Kingdom have introduced a method using which, smokers can be deterred from smoking cigarettes rampantly. This is simply through the means of plain packaging of regular cigarettes. By using simple colors such as grey and brown, the authorities are hoping to put a stop on more individuals getting together and smoking cigarettes, which are proving more and more fatal for the overall health of those who smoke and those who do not smoke as well. As per experts, once the glitz factor is removed, smokers would be deterred from using regular cigarettes.

Another method which is being initiated by the UK government is to stop the display of cigarette packs in departmental stores. By doing this, young smokers would never be given a chance to try their luck with cigarettes. Not only would young smokers be deterred, even die hard chain smokers would be spared the wrath of smoking cigarettes which would further ruin their lives. Most cigarette manufacturers are making use of the glitz factor to attract young and innocent smokers to try out their cigarettes. While this is seen as a positive move towards ensuring that smokers would be deterred from using cigarettes, the fact whether this would indeed resolve the crisis, is yet to be seen.

Regular cigarettes are silent killer and they are known to kill millions of people annually. By using plain packaging, the government hopes to curb this rising menace. Nonetheless, the fact remains that if the government is to stop this menace permanently, then they need to introduce a nicotine replacement therapy which actually works wonders in helping chain smokers quit. While gum and nicotine patches are temporary, the only nicotine replacement therapy which apparently works is electronic cigarettes.