Smoking cigarettes is undoubtedly not a good habit and tobacco cigarette smoking has now being considered as a taboo of sorts. Nonetheless, billions of people all over the world continue to smoke regular cigarettes, endangering their lives as well as the lives of innocent people who have never smoked a cigarette in their lives. In a recent development, it was noticed that governments from across the globe have been urged by the World Health Organization to stand together and fight the menace that has been created by the manufacturing units which are indulged in the production of regular cigarettes.

world health organization and cigarettes

In a statement, the chief of the World Health Organization expressed his concern with regards to the tobacco companies and termed them as a harassing medium for several government agencies across the globe. Margaret Chan, the director of the World Health Organization, was of the opinion that tobacco manufactures are now harassing government agencies across the globe into allowing them to sell tobacco cigarettes to innocent smokers. The very reason why agencies soften their stance towards tobacco manufacturing companies is because tobacco is a gross earner for the governments.

As per the latest statistical reports, countries such as Norway, America as well as Australia, are amongst the top countries, which allow tobacco cigarette manufacturers to sell their deadly products without imposing strict restrictions on them. Apparently, the lure of earning big bucks from tobacco manufacturers propels the government to avoid taking strict or harsh measures against the tobacco manufacturers in their country. Nonetheless, the fact remains that owing to public pressure and the support offered by anti tobacco associations, the governments of these countries have indeed helped in ensuring that smoking regular cigarettes at public places is not permitted in many areas.

Smoke related diseases are on the rise and the cases of cancer, cardiac arrests as well as diseases related to the respiratory tract system are increasing by each passing day. Apparently, this is the main reason why people from all walks of lives have started objecting smoking regular cigarettes in public places. Not only does public smoking cause offensive second hand smoke, it also lures young and innocent people to start smoking cigarettes. While putting a complete stop to smoking is not possible, it has been highly recommended that smokers switch to electronic cigarettes and quit smoking regular ones. E cigarettes are cheaper, smokeless and they are also free from tobacco. This is why millions are switching to smoking e cigs instead of tobacco cigarettes.